MIQ-EL – Letter to the Industry

[Download] MiQ-EL – Letter to the Industry

Letter to the industry is the first rap song on MIQ-EL 2019 album titled Mtapes and its mixed by Mr. Lord. It highlights the real obstacles and challenges up coming creative artistes face on their quest to make in in the music industry.

With the history of producing heavy rap songs and afrobeat mixes, MIQ-EL’s motivation on this particular song is to inspire the underground creative artistes to work tirelessly and observe no leisure, for this is required to make goals achievable.

However, MiQ-El calls on industry players to create awareness and bigger platforms to harness and motivate upcoming creative talents on the way forward.

Download and get this song’s lyrics from the page below and share this page with your friends. Let us know what you think of this song in the comment section below and be sure to expect an EP soon.

[Lyrics] MiQ-EL – Letter to the Industry

Ye MiQ be ma legacy
Ne me gba nena
This one dier!! 2019 rap nu, Im taking what is mine
Tired of old gees in the game..we too we for shine.

Letter to the industry, get a copy right?
Where I reach if I no blow, I swear aboa bi nka me nan.
Pay attention underground music is coming up.
Boys dey have same issues but none is coming out.
When we go auditions then you start dey single out.
Who you know or you knows you, but they for start dey hear we now.

Medikal go talk say Omo ada but me men daaye
Rap nû mèn gyae ye..my own bi pure hyee nfraa ye.
Wobe deviya mesese, mezu gbamido
Mezu bame lo, Torgbui nyewo fe ka me do. Organizers for dey put we on the shows. Radio presenters and DJs make we go. Online promoters and bloggers here we go. Underground nenye ta wobe afikae netso.

Shutout to Musiga, I great your president. This bi rap on different level, this bi evidence.
We need a system that would favour underground not to burry them.
I fit to murder Ghana rap then I murder Eminen.
I always win, forget the draw and even fuck the loosing.

I never own a fridge, but then I make ur rapper frozen.
Mekor xegbe viade de eme ta wo be me peeping.
Wozu coldstore koklola, wey I bi the seasoning.

Before top artist go feature, merh you have to pay huge.
Family pressure, them say forget rap is had to break through.
People hesitate to download when you drop a new tune.
Even your friends, oh my God, no wan watch your youtube.
What is happening, me bu tame, we need an answer.

I go end this rap for here but still we need the answer.
Underground keep working hard and observe no leisure.
Time will define make the future brighter, let’s go.

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