Croberin’s Video Director (Stanley Makafui)

Croberin's Video Director (Stanley Makafui)

Almost everyone could be tempted to ask; “why would someone with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health share his focus with Film making and Photography?”
But this is clear enough to be accepted as passion, a driving force in every human being, which pushes you to do what you love.

Cinematography is a work that one needs to be schooled on (a few very important and technical stuff), but this passionate young man taught himself all the way to becoming a professional. This he started doing while in the University failing many times in the process.

Hailing from Kpando Fesi in the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa, Stanley Makafui Diapim, as he’s referred to in private life, is the co-founder of a creative agency known as Croberin, which is set to plant its name in the Film, Photography, Design and Music industries in Ghana and beyond and to leave a remarkable impression in hearts for long.

The intention to become one of the very best is engineered by the able and creative brand behind history, passion and hard work and also with the dedicated and selfless crew/team supporting him.

Steadily, Stanley Makafui is rising to the level of a professional filmmaker in spite of the numerous challenges that come along his way.
Stanley Makafui is an amazing filmmaker and Photography hobbyist to keep an eye on, because with his works, it is very compelling to believe he is on top of his game as a talented filmmaker.
He is absolutely a gem to admire with the level of creativity he employs in his works even on a shoestring budget.

It’s worth mentioning that as of the time this article is being written, he works full-time as a Pension Advisor at Axis Pension Trust. Now I guess you see how industrious he is.

Stanley Makafui has made it easy to access his works (portfolio) via his personal website at

You can also log on to Croberin’s official website to see more of the works he and his team are doing and other vital information at and

Connect with Stanley Makafui across the socials for more updates and new projects/releases.

Facebook: @stanleymakafui
YouTube: croberin

See more from his team on these platforms as well.
Facebook Page: Croberin
Instagram: @croberin_official

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