All New Croberin Music Upload Form

All New Croberin Music Upload Form

The addition of new features to Croberin’s Music Upload Form has just made the Upload Form better and easier for artistes and DJ’s to upload their creation. The purpose of this is to make it possible for artistes to have better control of their online presence and share their motivation and inspiration behind their songs, albums, covers, mixes and also make it available for download.

Most music blogs and services available online have the traditional call this number to promote. Probably because their services are not free but unfortunately these services are mostly monotonous. When I say monotonous, I’m trying to bring your mind to words like: “New track”, “New Hit”, “New banger”, Multi talented”, “Drops another” and so on.

What Croberin Music is trying to eliminate here is the monotony of blog posts and to let artistes express their thoughts and inspirations. Fans and aspiring artistes are always looking for information, inspiration, motivation from their favourite artistes to direct them and mentor them.

Croberin Music is not just built to be a blog but also a community for artistes and fans to talk about their thoughts and inspiration.
One of the major concerns we had to define and analyse was that people don’t read said, one artiste whose content we were preparing for upload but we think this is a myth.

Our research proves that the reason why people use their browser in the first place is to Google for an information or a resource and doing this requires reading.

Croberin’s game changing Upload Form allows creatives and talented artistes to get their fans interested in reading more and more about them. With online interview Incorporated to the Form, artistes and DJs can answer a series of questions all for free and would be available online as an article.

We are committed to ensuring that artistes have all the resources they need to blog about themselves, their creation, their motivation, and their inspiration. We know that the existence of the Upload form would inspire more artistes and DJ’s to produce more quality content to share with the rest of the world.

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