Okailey Verse (V.O) – Tomorrow (Stonebwoy’s Cover)

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This weekend we wear our headphones and earbuds and it is the Hitmaker Season 7 Winner, Okailey Verse, otherwise called O.V. that we listen to as she covers Stonebwoy’s popular song, Tomorrow.

In her version, however, she sings on a piano tune, adding so much emotion to the song only in a bid to give this song more life and meaning.

Personally speaking, though, Okailey’s version makes me read more meaning to the song and I think she has perfected this aspect of the song. This, for me, is the essence of making a cover of a song. Making tweaks here and there and finding that sweet spot was what Okailey did and this has the potential of making one relate even better with the lyrics of song.

We have the lyrics right here for you. Sing along with Okailey and/or Stonebwoy.

You’ll not be disappointed at all if you give this song three (3) minutes and thirty (30) seconds of your time.

[Lyrics] Okailey-Verse (O.V) - Tomorrow (Stonebwoy Cover)


Okailey Verse


Hustling from chorkor to mamprobi
From ashaiman to kotobabi
We dey burn under the sun but still give Jah Jah the glory
Sometimes E be dog chain adey carry
Meat pie wura i dey rush I dey hurry
Dada ba for where E be like say truck pusher ago marry
Weytin be my own
Am not in this alone
Because somebody E dey sweat for air condition E be loan he dey owe

//S3 me de mi ti bo bom ba s3 one day mey3 yie a
Na s3 oneday me y3 yie a
Wan na medo nu 3na wan na 3b3gye attitude(oh Lord of mercy)//2x

Cause nobody know
Nobody no know
Nobody no know
Knows tomorrow 2x

Verse 2
Hustler never envy another man
Hustler never envy another soul
Cause you never know whatever Jah plan
But unuh ah go reap whatever yah sow
And then be happy fi the people who succeed
Beacuse everything that you wish fi dem
The same you receive
Karma is a man you can’t deceive
Success is the state of mind don’t be caught up in greed
No matter what you do, the rich man dies
No matter what you say, the poor man dies too
We are hustling but for a while
Someday we ah go fade away



//Weytin be my own
Am not in this alone
Because somebody e dey sweat for air condition E be loan he dey owe// Repeat till fade


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