Kuami Eugene – Nobody Else (Prod. by Kuami Eugene)

Download Kuami Eugene - Nobody Else (Prod. by Kuami Eugene)

Today isn’t a Thursday to do a throwback but this is actually a throwback on Kuami Eugene’s self produced gospel song, Nobody else and this happens on the first day of the year 2019.

The Lynx Entertainment icon released this some years ago when he was making more of Gospel Songs.

This throwback is heavily influenced by Deladem’s release of a cover of the same song.

The first verse and chorus of Nobody Else go something like this;

Nobody, I say nobody
When I was down and defeated feeling rejected nobody helped me no
Then I was intimidated my guilty conscience saying there is no hope
‘coz I’ve been trying again and again and again
Trying again and again
Until I’ve met my Jehovah you wiped my tears
So I go dey tell the whole world that
no body else
The way you dey do am for me, God
Nobody else
Father the way you dey make me feel good
Nobody else
The way you dey treat me special
Nobody else
You are my Jehovah…

Download Deladem’s version of Nobody Else is accessible from here and have a feel of what he has done with the song.

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