Airli – Own Plugs (Mixed by Alien)

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Own Plugs is an afro hip-hop song by Airli and mixed by Alien. This song was inspired by Airli’s call to greatness by the highest of powers in our universe.

In Airli’s own words, he believes that we’ve all gotta live it up because in life there are lots of misadventures but God would be your only consolation in the times of the challenges and the only thing you can do is life and live better because in the end we are only destined for greatness.

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[Lyrics] Airli - Own Plugs (Mixed by Alien)

Yeah This is Airli right
(Ouuuuuu yeah)
We Gon be great
And I know that’s right
Let’s do this rap song maine
(Ahhhhhn …..ahn)

When you try to hit me
Imma hit it right back
I been grindin long time Like biggie and pac
When I tryda roll in then with my own dawgs
We gon roll this shit
Until we get thug
You ain’t got no switch cuz
(Its our own plug yeah eh 3x) (2x)

Yeeeeeeh ei
Ahhhh… Imma be great, We gon be there
Imma be great We Gon there (2x)

[Verse 1]
Yeah The hard times comes
To keep you firm
To keep you stand
To keep your hands Up and right
[But I] Won’t tell you
The life Gon is be easy But worth it
And it’s a blessing
Gake we learnt a lesson
[That] The system hard
The system bad, The system ruff
But I got my own plug
Everything gon switch to the top
You ain’t got no rule to get flop
At the right time, In the meantime
From a mile away

What is written is written with no limitation
Not a fiction, When you lay up For your country
Not a treason, Where we thinking How to make it
How to shoot it And they hating
(Let the hating nigga get drowned Ahh Han 3x)

Ahhhh… Imma be great, We gon be there
Imma be great We Gon there (2x)

[Verse 2]
Ahh… Who are u not to complain
The hard time comes But my vim stay
I maintain, not a champagne,
We ain’t no rules drop the campaign Ahhn

Can’t you see when you hit it wrong
The world is so unfair but my vim dey
I dey pray eh, We gon be great, We gon be there

My niggas go get it
Why u wonna get it deployed
Never get it destroyed
Go get it never act like toy
If you down getti up
If you loose Get a win
Grind to the top motivated
Tell yourself you’re a made man
Never let it down
We was here kpor, We never saw
Who came, who conquer, with draw, out law

Ahhhh… Imma be great, We gon be there
Imma be great We Gon there (2x)

This is Airli
The life is hard but I know we gon be great
I put my hands on my shoulder
Cuh I know I’mma made man
Yeah, Ahha
Alright, Yapon


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